Comptus is a leading producer of quality wind and environmental sensors, transmitters and controls.  Our instruments are designed for commercial and industrial applications where accuracy, durability and repeatability are required.

Serving the building automation, renewable energy, environmental, agriculture, wastewater and storm water management, fountain control and recreation markets, we strive to be your environmental sensor provider of choice.  Whether you need standard components, or have a unique application, we will work with you to configure our products to your requirements.

Air Temperature & Humidity
Transmitters & Sensors

a70 ht relative humidity and temperature sensor 2

Barometric Pressure

Barometric Pressure Transmitters


Rain Gauges & Transmitters  

a70 r rain gauge transmitter 2


Solar Radiation
Sensors & Transmitters

a70 i pyranometer

Wind Sensors
and Transmitters

a70 sdl



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