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Comptus Sponsors Mt. Washington Observatory WeatherFest Table at AMS 2020

Today, January 12th, 2020

Mt Wash Summit Observatory

The Mount Washington Observatory experiences some of the most extreme weather conditions in the world. The facilities at the Summit are used to gather data for nationwide forecasting models, to conduct meteorological research, and host educational programs stateside and internaitonally. "Through all of its efforts, Mount Washington Observatory connects the public with the awe and wonder of the natural world, igniting a passion for science, the mountains, and the outdoors."

Come learn more about the Observatory's efforts at the Comptus, Inc. sponsored booth (#341).

Comptus and Barani Design are aware of the global initiative towards building City Resilience. The foundation of resilience is dependability. High Quality, dependable instruments are therefore a necessity.






The immediate benefits of this partnership include:

  • MeteoShield Professional will be soon available in a Made-in-USA version.
  • MeteoHelix IoT Pro micro weather stations will soon be available in Assembled-in USA LoRaWAN and Sigfox version with NB-IoT to follow.
  • Comptus Inc. will become a USA & worldwide distributor and integrator of BARANI DESIGN anemometers, weather stations and sensors.
  • BARANI DESIGN will become a worldwide distributor of the A75-101 & A75-104 anemometer and A75-302 wind direction vane. These Comptus products were sold through Second Wind and Vaisala as the C3 anemometer and PV1 wind vane and are the well known competitor to the NRG #40 anemometer and NRG #200 wind vane.

In a technology sharing program, both companies will join forces to develop a low-cost wireless precision wind measurement solution to complement the MeteoHelix IoT Pro wireless weather stations and to directly compete in the high-end and middle market segments in agricultural weather station applications. The MeteoHelix and MeteoWind Compact combination will become the only affordably priced weather station solution to meet the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) measurement standards. This meteorological sensor solution is aimed at putting precision back into precision agriculture which is currently being dominated by measurement equipment not conforming to worldwide measurement standards.

New technologies at AMS 2020 by Comptus Inc. of New Hampshire.

Comptus, Inc. will be in attendance at the AMS show in Boston, MA January 13-16, 2020. New technology and improved partnerships (with Barani Design & Subsurface Insights) will be showcased during the event. Comptus' Critical Infraastructure Control Systems provide accurate data, improved response times, & increaased automation in a diverse varitey of environmental conditions and have numerous industry applications.


Internet-of-Things innovation will be seeping into the forefront of AMS 2020 in Boston, MA this winter with the introduction of MeteoHelix® IoT micro-weather stations capable of meeting strict measurement guidelines of the NWS and WMO for long-term global warming observations.

While Europe has already adapted the first wave of low cost IoT meteorological sensors and weather stations with mixed results, the lessons learned can benefit the adoption of these technologies to let USA take the lead. Lessons learned from the first wave of IoT meteorological sensors have shown that data quantity does not replace data quality. Artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced statistical methods made good on identifying anomalies and sensor failures but fall short in compensating for systematic and long-term sensor measurement errors due to inadequate measurement system stability and the influences of the local environment. For now, the golden rule of science, “garbage in = garbage out” still maintains its merit.

Comptus Inc. of stand 341 will showcase the MeteoHelix® IoT professional weather stations and sensors conforming to NWS and WMO standards from BARANI DESIGN Technologies at the 100th AMS Annual Meeting 13–16 January 2020 in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, 415 Summer St., Boston, MA USA.

Other sensors on hand from BARANI DESIGN Technologies will include the precise and robust MeteoWind® 2 and MeteoWind® Compact combined heated anemometers with wind vanes with a preliminary MEASNET/IEC 61400-12-1:2017 edition 2 class A = 4.4 and class C = 4.7. Also showcased will be the MeteoTemp™ temperature and humidity probe and the new standard for precision atmospheric air temperature measurement, the MeteoShield® Professional, a helical radiation shield for professional AWOS weather stations.



MeteoShield® Professional protecting internal temperature and humidity sensors from the effects of icing.




Given our growing network of remote monitoring systems the need for reliable portable power sources has never been greater. The ubiquitous nature of the sun makes portable solar chargers an obvious choice to provide power in areas where grid power is not available. Whether you are powering single sensors, or a complete environmental station your access to a reliable power source is critical to ensuring the data you are collecting is captured and saved.


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