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The immediate benefits of this partnership include:

  • MeteoShield Professional will be soon available in a Made-in-USA version.
  • MeteoHelix IoT Pro micro weather stations will soon be available in Assembled-in USA LoRaWAN and Sigfox version with NB-IoT to follow.
  • Comptus Inc. will become a USA & worldwide distributor and integrator of BARANI DESIGN anemometers, weather stations and sensors.
  • BARANI DESIGN will become a worldwide distributor of the A75-101 & A75-104 anemometer and A75-302 wind direction vane. These Comptus products were sold through Second Wind and Vaisala as the C3 anemometer and PV1 wind vane and are the well known competitor to the NRG #40 anemometer and NRG #200 wind vane.

In a technology sharing program, both companies will join forces to develop a low-cost wireless precision wind measurement solution to complement the MeteoHelix IoT Pro wireless weather stations and to directly compete in the high-end and middle market segments in agricultural weather station applications. The MeteoHelix and MeteoWind Compact combination will become the only affordably priced weather station solution to meet the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) measurement standards. This meteorological sensor solution is aimed at putting precision back into precision agriculture which is currently being dominated by measurement equipment not conforming to worldwide measurement standards.

Given our growing network of remote monitoring systems the need for reliable portable power sources has never been greater. The ubiquitous nature of the sun makes portable solar chargers an obvious choice to provide power in areas where grid power is not available. Whether you are powering single sensors, or a complete environmental station your access to a reliable power source is critical to ensuring the data you are collecting is captured and saved.

When first introduced, industrial automated systems required special configurations for power and output. That meant that a specialist had to come up with innovative solutions. Today, things have changed dramatically. The systems available today, including wind monitoring instruments, a wind speed and direction sensor, rainfall gauge, and more use standard configurations for both power and output.

There are many solar chargers on the market these days. Some are very inexpensive. It is important to make sure you select a solar charger that is rugged, weather resistant, will operate effectively in low light conditions and will not overheat or overcharge your electronic device.

People have relied on rain gauges for a long time, but thanks to advanced technology, you now have the option of using a high-tech rain gauge sensor that is more accurate and efficient. Even better, you can integrate the best rain gauge into your grounds automation system for your company, which in turn, provides several critical benefits.


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