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wind speed measuring device

Wind Speed Sensor with Translator

"The A70-S Wind Speed Transmitter converts the frequency of the anemometer signal into an electrical"

Wind Speed Sensor with Translator
wind direction instrument

Wind Direction Sensor with Translator

"The A70 Wind Azimuth Transmitter monitors the signal from the Model A75-302 precision  Potentiometric Wind"

Wind Direction Sensor with Translator
wind speed measurement

Wind Speed and Direction Sensor with Translator

"The Model A70-SD system provides electrical signals proportional to wind speed and direction.It accepts signals from"

Wind Speed and Direction Sensor with Translator
industrial environmental sensors

C44 Two Set Point Wind Alarm

"C44 Wind Alarm, 120 VAC, NEMA 4 PC Enclosure"

C44 Two Set Point Wind Alarm
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Comptus Inc.

Environmental Sensors And Weather Measuring Instruments

Comptus is a leading producer of quality wind and industrial environmental sensors, transmitters and controls. Our weather measuring instruments are highly reliable for commercial and industrial applications where accuracy, durability and repeatability are required.

With accurate readings, affordable pricing and a rugged design, our industrial environmental sensors offer value while providing essential weather and climate information.

Serving the building automation, renewable energy, environmental, agriculture, wastewater and storm management, fountain control, and recreation markets, Comptus strives to be your provider of choice for outdoor environmental sensors. Whether you need standard components, or have a unique application, we will work with you to configure our products to your requirements.

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Wind Direction and Speed Measuring Instrument


Wind Speed Anemometers

Comptus offers two different anemometers to meet industry needs..


Wind Direction Vanes

Comptus A75-­‐302 Wind Direction Vanes feature a durable injection...


Wind Alarms

Comptus Wind Alarms are recognized across many industries for their...


Wind Transmitters

Comptus wind speed and direction transmitters convert the sensor signals...


Wind Monitoring Accessories

Comptus manufactures several mounting and surge arrestor accessories...


Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

The A70H-USD does not have any moving part, needs no maintenance, and no...


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