A Comprehensive Guide on Surge Protection

Surge Arrestor

A power surge is an increase in voltage above the normal level. This can damage or destroy electronic devices, appliances, and your electrical system. One way to prevent this is by installing a surge arrestor.

How Do Surge Arrestors Work?

A surge arrestor is a device that prevents power surges from damaging the electronic devices plugged into it. It uses a metal oxide varistor (MOV), which is a semiconductor device that reacts to high voltage by changing its resistance.  When a power surge occurs, the MOV will divert the excess voltage away from the electronic devices. This protects them from further damage.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Surge Arrestor?

Installing a surge arrestor has many advantages, including:

  • Preventing the power surge from spreading
  • Protecting appliances and home electronics from damage
  • Extending the life of your electrical system
  • Preventing fire hazards
  • Are affordable and easy to install

Do I Need a Surge Arrestor?

If you have electronic devices constantly plugged in your home or business, you should consider using a surge arrestor. Electronic devices can be very expensive to replace, and a power surge can easily destroy them.

Types and Varieties of Surge Arrestors

There are two types of surge arrestors: MOV and non-MOV. MOV arrestors are the most common type and are the best protection against power surges. Non-MOV arrestors are not as effective as MOV arrestors. However, they are still better than no surge protection at all.

Surge arrestors are available in two varieties: stand-alone and plug-in. You install stand-alone surge arrestors near the electrical panel. For plug-in arrestors, you can simply insert them into an electric outlet. Both types are available in standard and heavy-duty models.

Where Do You Install a Surge Arrestor?

You can install surge arrestors at the main switchboard. You can also install secondary surge arrestor products at sub-boards. You should install the arrestor after the main switch. Also, it must have a fuse or circuit breaker for added protection.

Plug-in arrestors are easier to install, as you simply need to plug them into an available outlet.

How Often Should I Replace My Surge Arrestor?

There is no set replacement schedule for surge arrestors. However, it is a good idea to test your surge arrestor occasionally to make sure it is still working properly. If you notice that your surge arrestor is not protecting your electronic devices, you should replace it.

Buy Surge Arrestors Online

If you plan to buy a surge arrestor online, make sure it is from a reputable supplier. Comptus Inc. provides high-quality surge arrestor products for your home and business. We offer a wide selection of surge arrestors that are both reliable and affordable. For more information, call Comptus today, and we’ll be happy to help.

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