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Most people who watch the weather on television have no idea how hard meteorologists work to provide accurate and up-to-date information. These professionals rely on various devices, including anemometers that measure wind speed and direction.

Although a common tool used by meteorologists, anyone can buy anemometers online. While perhaps not as sophisticated as what the experts use, you can still find some top-notch products. If you’re interested in buying this type of device, it will help to learn a little bit about how it works.

What Is an Anemometer?

In simple terms, this device measures wind speed. Although all types of anemometers measure wind speed, they work in unique ways. The following are some examples of what people will find when they buy wind speed anemometers online.

If you choose to buy a handheld anemometer, you can go with a product that measures wind speed, as well as wind chill and temperature.

What Are Some Benefits of Using an Anemometer?

Meteorologists rely on anemometers to predict and report on wind conditions. However, people who buy anemometers as non-professionals can reap many of the same benefits. Some of those include:

  • Plan Activities – Whether boating, surfing, biking, or any other outdoor activity, knowing the wind conditions makes planning easier and safer. For example, if you wanted to go sailing, you could check your anemometer beforehand. Although you need wind to sail, too much wind could create serious problems. For the latter, you could go sailing another day when water conditions are safer and more enjoyable.
  • Service Outages – Technicians that provide services can also buy wind speed anemometers online to determine the length of an outage. This would apply to different companies such as cable, satellite dish, air conditioning, security alarm, electricity, and so on.
  • Competitive Sports – Someone involved with certain sports could buy a handheld anemometer to make them more competitive. As an example, an anemometer would greatly benefit an individual who competes in skeet shooting or archery. Even a slight change in wind can have a huge impact on accuracy. With an anemometer, a person could calculate crosswinds to complete a perfect shot.

How Accurate Are Anemometers?

As expected, the more expensive anemometers typically have a higher level of accuracy. However, even when people buy anemometers online, they’ll find a broad range of affordable devices that provide accurate results consistently.

For instance, you can buy a handheld anemometer with an accuracy range within ±3%. In layman’s terms, that means a 20 mile per hour wind would register on the device anywhere between 19.4 and 20.6 mph.

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