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MeteoWind 2


MeteoWind 2 


Simplify your wind logging witht eh most compact 1st Class anemometer and wind vane

Elliptic cups create more torque & high linearity for improved data consistency vs. conical cups over a wide range of weather conditions. Very low start speeds, fast response and accurate long-term wind data are their inherent benefits.


Elliptical cups offer a larger wind blown area than circular cups for higher torque and low start speeds. They are also flatter than conical cups for superb off-axis response and reduces effects of rain and snow on anemometer linearity. These benefits of elliptic cups also offer superb linearity, not before possible in such a compact anemometer.

  • Very low starting wind speed for such a compact anemometer

  • Excellent linearity and accuracy exceeding MEASNET requirements

  • Excellent off-axis response. Low distance constant

  • Flat elliptic cups are more resistant to snow buildup


MeteoWind 2 Heated

MeteoWind 2 Heated Comparison

Heated MeteoWind 2 adds body and ball bearing heating to the already robust MeteoWind 2 anemometer with wind vane.

Heater generates a generous 20 W on 24 V or 5 W on 12 V.  For wireless weather stations, the heater includes automatic switching with the following user selectable settings:

  • Heater OFF
  • Heater ON, controlled by temperature
  • Heater ON, controlled by temperature and activates only when wind speed reading is less than 2 m/s. Once activated, heating cycle runs until completed

The photo above clearly illustrates how anemometer heating can benefit data reliability in tough winter climates. While it does not completely eliminate ice buildup on the anemometer cups and wind vane (right), it significantly reduces the icing effects and prevents the anemometer and vane from completely icing up when compared to the non-heated model (left). 


Technical Datasheet


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