Benefits of Integrating Outdoor Environmental Sensors into Building Automation Systems


This year, many states have broken records for heavy rainfall and flooding. Many of them have experienced devastation due to receiving no warning of what was coming. Without time on their hands, people were forced to leave businesses, hoping they would return to find everything intact. In fact, without a proper warning system, lives were put at risk. However, by using top-of-the-line environmental sensors, people are alerted in time to take appropriate action.

Although there is nothing that you can do to stop the rain or prevent floods, you can prepare better by integrating outdoor sensors into your building automation systems. These sensors are designed to provide you with several key benefits, including efficiency, occupant comfort, and most importantly, safety.


Along with automated systems that control lights, keep indoor climates at a set preference, and monitor device performance and failure, you can enjoy the efficiency that comes from sensors that monitor the outdoor environment. This type of sensor works by alerting people about floods, lightning, damaging winds, and much more.

Occupant Comfort

Not only do outdoor sensors serve as a warning system for potentially dangerous situations, but they also work to ensure indoor environmental comfort. For example, an outdoor temperature sensor detects the current atmospheric temperature. Based on the setting that you choose, the sensor triggers the cooling and heating system operation to keep the indoor temperature consistent.

This integrated sensor provides two primary benefits. First, it maintains a constant temperature inside of your business, keeping utility costs down. As part of that, you will have an easier time budgeting for expenditures associated with heating and cooling. Second, as a result of people feeling comfortable on the job, they stay focused, which in turn helps boost production.


Incorporating an environmental monitoring system into a building automation system helps ensure the safety and security of the physical plant and the occupants.  Real-time alerts allow the time needed to move people and property to a safe location. Combining local facility data with data from surrounding environmental monitoring systems allows for highly accurate local event monitoring.  With extreme weather events, a few minutes warning can save lives and property.

Trusting the Best Source

Sensors that detect the environment are valuable, and for that reason, they have become standard for many businesses. However, for seamless operation and the assurance that the sensors will perform optimally, it is imperative that you make your purchase from a trusted source. Comptus is an industry leader in this area. For information about the different solutions we provide, please visit us online or call us today.

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