Benefits of Using Building Automation Sensors that Use Common Power and Output Configurations

Automation Sensors

Building automation sensors provide tremendous benefits. However, some sensors used in industrial automation require special connectivity, which creates problems. Fortunately, you can purchase top-quality industrial automation sensors, which use standard power and output configurations, including wind speed and direction anemometers, environmental temperature sensors, and more.

Easy Connectivity

a70 sdlChoosing an automated system for your business that requires a unique power and output configuration creates issues. For example, you would have to call in a specialist for the right setup, which increases cost. Also, depending on the complexity of the system, there is a chance that additional work would be required.

Due to the production of state-of-the-art automated systems, configuration has never been easier. For example, SDI-12 ( serial data interface at 1200 baud) is a common method for integrating multiple sensors into one system. Each device generates a unique signature improving accuracy and efficiency of data collection. Multiple sensors can even be connected to a single digital input. The data is always unique to each specific sensor, so a single “sweep” for data is very energy efficient, allowing for extremely low power consumption.


Another advantage of sensors used in industrial automation is that more than likely, your business already has at least one existing system. A few examples include outdoor sprinkler systems, automated pumps that eliminate excess rainfall, lighting systems that illuminate different areas on the interior, and so on. With common power and output configurations, there is a good chance for cross-functionality, meaning that you could integrate your new system with one already in place.

No Software Interface Required

Thanks to advanced technology, the best-automated systems no longer use a software interface. During the early days of building automation, companies had to purchase single-use licensed software, which was highly restrictive. Also, the initial cost plus the annual fees for this software were high. Today, automated systems are browser-based, meaning that you can use them on multiple computers, smartphones, and tablets. As a cloud-based solution, authorized personnel can make changes from anywhere in the world whenever required.

Incredible Benefits

Beyond using standard power and output configurations, the innovative systems now available provide many additional advantages. For example, these systems reduce high energy bills, provide you with vital information before trouble occurs, optimize business spending, better manage equipment, improve occupant comfort, ensure efficient operation of building systems, and more.

The Best of the Best

For superior automated systems for your business, you can always count on Comptus. To view all of our solutions, please visit our website or call to speak with a company representative.

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