Significance of Anemometers in HVAC Applications

Aging Wastewater and Stormwater Infrastructure in the United States: The Need for Investment and Regulatory Compliance

As the population in the United States continues to grow, the demand for clean water is increasing. However, the infrastructure responsible for treating and distributing wastewater and stormwater is aging and struggling to keep…

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In Situ vs Remote Weather Data for Automated Control Systems: Pros and Cons

Building Automation Systems (BAS) are becoming increasingly popular in commercial buildings to optimize energy use and envelope performance. Weather data plays a crucial role in BAS, as it allows for automated control systems to…

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handheld anemometer

How Weather Sensors are Revolutionizing Municipal Wastewater and Stormwater Infrastructure

As technology evolves, so too does the integration of automated system controls across numerous sectors, particularly evident within municipal wastewater and stormwater infrastructure. At the heart of this automation lies the pivotal role of…

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Weather Station

The Benefits of Weather Sensors on Commercial Buildings: Improving Safety, Efficiency, and Building Automation Systems

As a building owner, manager, or maintenance technician, you know that managing a commercial building is a complex task that requires a comprehensive approach. One crucial aspect of building management is the ability to…

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Wind alarm

Maximizing Efficiency and Protection Benefits of Using a Wind Alarm Controller for Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions: Q: What is a wind alarm controller for fountains? A: A wind alarm controller, or sometimes called a wind speed alarm, is a device that monitors wind speed and adjusts the…

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