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Importance of Accurate Precipitation Measurement

Precipitation is one of the most important aspects of weather that impact everyday life. Accurate precipitation measurement is crucial to monitoring the effects of precipitation on the environment. When you buy a rain gauge or other weather instruments, you also trust the device will provide accurate readings. Let’s go through the standard tools used for […]

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Humidity Sensors

Relevance of Humidity Sensors in Various Industries

Humidity sensors measure the water vapor content in the air. These devices have applications in many industries. Let’s explore some of these applications and see how humidity sensors improve operations in these sectors. What Is Humidity? Humidity is a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air. Water vapor is the gaseous state […]

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Surge Arrestor

A Comprehensive Guide on Surge Protection

A power surge is an increase in voltage above the normal level. This can damage or destroy electronic devices, appliances, and your electrical system. One way to prevent this is by installing a surge arrestor. How Do Surge Arrestors Work? A surge arrestor is a device that prevents power surges from damaging the electronic devices […]

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relative humidity sensor

Does Relative Humidity Readings Depend on Changing Temperature?

When measuring a location’s relative humidity, there’s one factor that the measurer should always take note of. It’s that the environment’s temperature can have a significant effect on your relative humidity readings. An increase in temperature will allow air to hold more water molecules. Thus, relative humidity decreases. When the temperature gets lower, your relative […]

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What Is an Anemometer and How Does It Measure Wind Speed?

The anemometer is a wind measuring device that has been around for centuries. The first anemometers were not very accurate, but as technology improved scientists learned what worked best. Today, the most common designs follow two types: the anemometer as a wind vane and anemometer with wind cups. How an Anemometer Works An anemometer measures […]

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