rain gauges

How to Minimize Errors While Measuring Precipitation

Of all the thousands of things that people measure, precipitation is the simplest, both electronically and mechanically. At the same time, getting an accurate measurement is somewhat challenging. After all, this includes three specific factors: accumulation, amount, and intensity. So, when you buy a rain gauge, you want to keep that in mind. Ways to […]

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Wind Speed & Direction

Which Businesses Need to Determine Wind Speed to Overcome Challenges?

High winds can impact many different business operations, and they are something you need to stay aware of. If the wind is too strong, the conditions might be unsafe, resulting in extra costs or delays. Understanding wind speed will help you overcome these challenges. Many businesses can benefit from a suitable wind speed measuring device. […]

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Wind speed and direction with translator

How Is Wind Direction Determined?

You will often find it helpful to know the right way to measure wind direction. Whether it is aviation, winter sports, or another industry, accurate measurement of wind direction is essential. Wind direction is considered when designing and creating specific structures, such as monopole advertising signage, outdoor concert stages, and large outdoor tents. They could […]

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Air temperature

Causes of Drift in Humidity Sensors

Every gas in your environment can interact with your humidity sensors, causing potential drift. Since water can move in and out of the sensor, gases and other contaminants can also do that. Usually, if you notice a strong smell, a contaminant might be evaporating. A cleaning product is a common culprit of drift, especially floor […]

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Solar Radiation Sensor

How Solar Radiation Sensors Work

Solar radiation sensors are also known as pyranometers. A type of actinometer

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