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Taking it Global from the Woods of New Hampshire

Success Story Comptus

Pictured left to right, Earl Dodge, Vice President of Operations, and Andrew White, President/Owner stand in front of the door of Comptus, Thornton, NH

If a company exported from the woods in New Hampshire and no one was around to see it, did it really happen?

You bet! Meeting Andrew White, President of Comptus, out in the woods of NH proves that there is a lot going on. Comptus is a leading producer of wind and environmental sensors, transmitters, and controls. The instruments are designed for commercial and industrial applica ...

C3 and PV1 Wind Sensors
December 2018

C3 Anemometer

The accurate and durable C3 anemometer and PV1 wind vane have been used globally for utility scale wind farm site assessment for over 10 years. Their accuracy and reliability are recognized for producing bankable data, which is critical for securing funding for utility scale projects. Originally marketed through Second Wind, they were sold in conjunction with the Nomad2 and other dataloggers.

Second Wind was acquired by Vaisala in 2013, and the products continued to be marketed through Vaisala as the C3.1 and PV1.1 (Internal Vaisala part numbers are 426-0015 and 425-0006 respectively). In 2018 Vaisala discontinued marketing of the Nomad3 datalogger and peripherals.

Comptus is the original ...

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