Protecting Your Membrane Structures and Commodities with Wind Alarm Controller

Protecting Your Membrane Structures and Commodities with Wind Alarm Controllers

As an engineer, system operator, or technician responsible for the safety and protection of membrane structures, such as warehouses, storage facilities, it’s crucial to have an effective wind alarm system in place. Using a…

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Weather Station

What are the pros and cons of in situ versus remote weather data for automated control systems?

In situ weather data refers to weather data collected on-site using sensors located on the building or property, while remote weather data refers to weather data collected from a remote location, or online weather…

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Ultrasonic Wind Speed & Direction Sensor

What Are the Benefits of Automated Weather Stations for Municipal Infrastructure?

Automated weather stations (AWS) can provide several benefits for municipal infrastructure. Some of the main advantages include: Accurate weather data: AWS are equipped with advanced sensors and instruments that can provide accurate and reliable…

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weather measuring instruments

What are the benefits of having weather sensors on a commercial building?

Weather sensors can provide many benefits for commercial buildings. These weather station sensors are integral to understanding and predicting facility response to climatic conditions. Some of the key benefits include: Improved energy efficiency: Weather…

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wind speed instrument

How to Use an Anemometer for Real-Time Wind Speed and Direction Measurement

Though an anemometer or wind meter has a simple purpose, many businesses or individuals are unfamiliar with these devices. Through these tools, you can easily measure both the wind’s speed and direction in real…

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