Can Ample Weather Data Help in the Optimization of Building Systems?

Environmental temperature sensor

Many building automation systems have different sensors to help detect the outside air temperature and humidity. The reason for this is to help make limited, yet informed, decisions about the operation of mechanical systems. But it is also important to have more extensive data on the weather to help optimize the building systems. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of using industrial environmental sensors to gain more extensive information on the weather.

Improving the Performance of Mechanical Systems

Information related to the weather is very important when it comes to targeting different methods of increasing the efficiency of ventilation, air-conditioning, or heating systems. Data about the weather can help you decide if you want to use a small chiller that is running at full capacity or a larger boiler that is at half capacity. These decisions can help you to save money on the cost of maintenance and energy. That might also be helpful when it comes to working in areas that have power cuts.

Determining if Using On-Site Alternate Energy Is Viable

You can use industrial environmental sensors to record and find long-term information on whether or not it would be feasible to install wind turbines, photovoltaics, or other forms of sustainable energy. Plus, you can determine if your investment would pay off or not.

Increase Efficiency With Prediction Technologies

The wind conditions, solar radiation, and outside temperature can affect how the heat gets distributed in your building. It is a good idea to integrate the right environmental sensors, which can help your building system to account for better cooling and heating during the day. This is because they can predict certain short-term effects of the weather changing. That includes the sun coming out on a cloudy day, which might cause the building to warm up a bit.

Contribute to Safety With Weather Prediction

When you need to do maintenance on the outside of your building, such as high areas, you would want to know more about the precise weather data. That way, you can ensure that you meet safe working conditions before you go to the side of a building or on the roof.

Choose the Best Outdoor Environmental Sensors

The sensors from Comptus, as well as our weather stations, are perfect for installing on your building to offer maintenance-free, reliable, continuous information on the weather to improve your building system’s optimization. Using the right environmental sensors will help you to make your building more efficient. Comptus is one of the best suppliers of sensors, and one reason is that we have recently gotten the HUBZone certification. If you want to get your own sensor, contact Comptus today.

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