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Causes of Drift in Humidity Sensors

Every gas in your environment can interact with your humidity sensors, causing potential drift. Since water can move in and out of the sensor, gases and other contaminants can also do that. Usually, if you notice a strong smell, a contaminant might be evaporating. A cleaning product is a common culprit of drift, especially floor […]

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relative humidity sensor

Reasons for Using Air Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Most experts believe that air temperature and humidity sensors were the first tools used to measure meteorological parameters.

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Environmental temperature sensor

5 Myths About Environmental Temperature Sensors You Must Know

With environmental temperature sensors becoming more and more popular

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Introduction to Environmental Transmitters

Environmental transmitters are without question one of the most important parts of any control setup.

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handheld anemometer

Understanding Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Air temperature and humidity sensors provide a wealth of information in the form of analog output signals

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Measuring Precipitation with Rain Gauges

Rain gauges have been used since the ancient Greeks and even today provide an accurate method for measuring the amount of rainfall

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