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Types of Sensors Used to Monitor the Environment

Types of Sensors Used to Monitor the Environment

When it comes to environmental sensors, it’s important to evaluate their sensitivity, size, and processing speed. Different types of sensors help monitor various aspects of the environment, so it’s important to choose the right one for the job. Sensors that are too sensitive may produce false positives. Those that aren’t sensitive enough may miss environmental […]

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What Is a Weather Meter and How Can You Use It?

A weather meter is a small device that measures various weather data. You can use this information to help predict the weather when planning activities. Different types of weather meters are available on the market and vary in function and accuracy. One of the more common and practical types of weather meter is the handheld […]

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Weather Station

How Does an Automated Weather Station Work?

Automated weather stations are different from typical weather stations in that many of their instruments require little human involvement. They are usually digital and send data online and can be part of a bigger network of weather stations. Because of its accessibility, it is one of the most common types of weather stations. Many meteorology […]

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Features for Accurate Weather Monitoring

The weather is rarely consistent, making it a challenge for companies who have their operations outside. For instance, if you manage construction sites, you will need to be careful with tower cranes and other larger equipment if you have a windy day. Luckily, knowledge and the suitable instruments used to measure weather can help you […]

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Weather Meter

Weather Meter Buying Guide

When looking for a weather meter, you need to consider various types, unique features, and price.

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The Different Types of Weather Instruments

To predict the weather, identify and prevent risks, make assessments, and conduct studies, researchers

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How to Be a Weather Watcher: Our Top Tips

Weather watchers are people who keep track of the weather. This is something done as a hobby

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How to Measure Wind on a Smartphone with a Portable Wind Meter

With the WeatherFlow WINDmeter, you can measure wind direction, location, and speed using your smartphone.

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Influence of Weather Detection in Agriculture

Weather is the number one variable in farming and monitoring conditions can lead to science-based business decisions.

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Benefits of IoT in Meteorology

Due to IoT, the cost of wireless sensor systems and meteorological weather stations has come down slightly for the following reasons

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