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Wind alarm

Maximizing Efficiency and Protection Benefits of Using a Wind Alarm Controller for Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions: Q: What is a wind alarm controller for fountains? A: A wind alarm controller, or sometimes called a wind speed alarm, is a device that monitors wind speed and adjusts the water flow rate of a fountain accordingly. It helps to conserve water, protect equipment, and promote energy efficiency. It can also […]

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Barometric pressure transmitter

Why Barometric Pressure Should Be Measured in Commercial Buildings

It’s important to detect and measure air pressure in commercial buildings. Air pressure can affect infrastructure and the people living within it. A barometric pressure gauge can be helpful for business owners who want to ensure optimal air pressure. This instrument features a sensor-based system capable of detecting anomalies in the air. Here’s why you […]

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buy anemometers

Measuring Wind Speed With Anemometer

What’s the wind speed right now? How strong is it blowing? If you’re curious about these weather phenomena, you’ll want to learn more about a wind measuring device called the anemometer. Anemometers are instruments used to measure wind speed, and they come in different makes and sizes. Some are small and portable, while others are […]

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Wind Speed & Direction

Which Businesses Need to Determine Wind Speed to Overcome Challenges?

High winds can impact many different business operations, and they are something you need to stay aware of. If the wind is too strong, the conditions might be unsafe, resulting in extra costs or delays. Understanding wind speed will help you overcome these challenges. Many businesses can benefit from a suitable wind speed measuring device. […]

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Wind speed and direction with translator

How Is Wind Direction Determined?

You will often find it helpful to know the right way to measure wind direction. Whether it is aviation, winter sports, or another industry, accurate measurement of wind direction is essential. Wind direction is considered when designing and creating specific structures, such as monopole advertising signage, outdoor concert stages, and large outdoor tents. They could […]

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buy anemometers

Different Types of Wind Monitoring Instruments

Wind monitoring instruments are not new to the world of science. In fact, they have been around for quite some time.

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Wind Speed Sensor With Translator

The Many Ways in Which Wind Speed Indicators May Be Used in Commercial and Industrial Applications

Wind speed indicators, also sometimes known as anemometers, are commonly used for monitoring weather conditions.

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wind direction instrument

Comparing Ultrasonic versus Mechanical Wind Speed Measurement Sensors

Even though the general concept of ultrasonic and mechanical wind speed measurement sensors is the same

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Wind direction sensor

Need an Accurate Wind Direction Indicator? Get the Comptus Wind Direction Transmitter

With so many wind direction indicators on the market, choosing the right one can be difficult.

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handheld anemometer

Wind Measurement for Increased Safety in Crane Lifting Tasks

The climate might adversely affect crane lifting. If you are using cranes to life items

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