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Protecting Your Membrane Structures and Commodities with Wind Alarm Controller

Protecting Your Membrane Structures and Commodities with Wind Alarm Controllers

As an engineer, system operator, or technician responsible for the safety and protection of membrane structures, such as warehouses, storage facilities, it’s crucial to have an effective wind alarm system in place. Using a wind speed measuring instrument helps monitor the wind speed and provide an automatic control to protect the occupants and/or perishable commodities, […]

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wind direction indicators

Uses of Wind Speed Alarms at Work

Wind speed alarms are devices that notify people when wind speeds reach a certain level. You can use them in various settings, such as schools, factories, or construction sites. When the wind exceeds a specific speed, the device alerts people so they can take safety precautions. Sometimes called wind speed and wind direction indicators, wind […]

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Wind speed and direction with translator

How Does Constant Wind Speed Influence Real-Time Readings?

When you’re looking at real-time wind readings, it’s important to understand the proper measurement of wind speed. You may assume that wind gusts are causing fluctuations in the numbers, but that’s not always the case. Even constant wind might turn up as spikes in the wind speed and direction indicator. Let’s discuss what may cause […]

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Ultrasonic weather

How the Right Placement of Ultrasonic Sensors Influences Measurement Accuracy

Sensors that detect and measure both wind speed and direction have advanced significantly in the past few years. Industries no longer use the older-style anemometers, also known as cup and vane systems. Instead, they turn to reputable sources where they can buy ultrasonic wind sensors. As a popular device, it’s not hard to find an […]

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Types and Benefits of Wind Vanes

The wind vane dates back to ancient Greece and China. According to historians, the first documented reference was to one mounted on the top of the Tower of the Winds located in Athens. Since then, experts have completely transformed both the wind vane and anemometer. If you’re interested in this type of weather device, you […]

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Wind Speed & Direction

Importance of Monitoring the Weather to Minimize Risks at Construction Sites

Due to the nature of the work involved, construction sites are notorious for accidents. Of all industries, construction ranks as one of the most dangerous. Usually, falling debris and improper machine handling cause injuries. However, there’s another risk often overlooked, which is the weather. To increase the safety of your workers, you should buy a […]

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Portable weather device

Why a Portable Wind Meter or Pocket Weather Meter Is an Essential Tool in Outdoors Jobs

A portable wind meter, also referred to as a pocket weather meter, is a type of weather meter used

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Precise Wind Measurement: Wind Meter

The new WeatherFlow WINDmeter coupled with the coordinated iOS or Android app is designed to measure wind

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LED Lights

C44 Wind Alarm with LED’s

Comptus announces optional LED lights for the C44 2 Set point wind alarm. The LED lights provide a clear visual display of activation

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