Different Types of Wind Monitoring Instruments

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Wind monitoring instruments are not new to the world of science. In fact, they have been around for quite some time. The ancient Greeks commonly used various types of wind monitoring instruments. Today, technological advances have significantly enhanced the accuracy of such instruments. Various types of wind monitoring instruments may be used for measuring many different variables, including the direction and velocity of wind.

The cup anemometer is one of the most popular types of wind monitoring instruments. This device is capable of measuring the velocity or the speed of wind. Outfitted with three or four small hemispheres or cups installed on arms,

this device catches the wind. An electrical device is used to record the number of revolutions that the cups make and then calculate the speed of the wind. These types of wind monitoring instruments can prove to be quite beneficial in determining weather patterns and predicting approaching weather patterns. This is why anemometers are commonly used at weather stations. They may also be used in other areas where it is important to measure wind speed, including airports.

Other types of wind monitoring instruments include wind transmitters. Wind speed and direction transmitters are capable of converting sensor signals into electrical outputs that can be connected to computers, displays, wireless transmitters, data loggers, and other types of controls.

Wind alarms are another type of wind monitoring instrument. This type of device may be configured by the user and is capable of producing analog outputs. Alarms may contain a variety of different features, including adjustable time delays, the presence of two alarms, and a security code.

In choosing wind speed measurement instruments, many different factors will need to be taken into consideration. Along with having a rugged construction, the instrument should also feature an aerodynamic design. It is also important to ensure you choose a device that is known for its accuracy and repeatability. Depending upon your needs, it may also be necessary to procure a mounting accessory for the device that you choose. A surge arrestor may also be a good idea to provide circuit protection and ensure that the device works without any problems.

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