How to Be a Weather Watcher: Our Top Tips

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Weather watchers are people who keep track of the weather. This is something done as a hobby, when planning activities, and as a profession. Regardless, watching the weather is exciting, rewarding, and in many instances, necessary. Because weather is always changing, weather watchers use different tools like a wind meter, high-speed anemometers, a high-speed wind alarm, and so on.

Getting Involved as a Weather Watcher

If you need reliable weather information, the following tips will help you succeed. As a weather watcher, you will capture information, including site-specific wind, location-specific wind conditions, wind speed, and more. With the right wind meter, you even have the ability to create detailed wind mapping reports.

With advances in technology, one of the best ways to become a weather watcher is by using a high-speed anemometer along with a downloadable smartphone app. Especially when on the go, this will keep you informed of potentially bad weather. Although you have multiple options, one company in particular stands out. For wind speed, Comptus offers two anemometers that plug directly into an Android or iOS smartphone. Both the WINDmeter and WEATHERmeter are remarkably accurate and dependable.

Start by focusing on just one thing at a time until you gain experience. As a novice weather watcher, choose just a few primary parameters that you find most interesting. For instance, if you are starting a new job as a charter boat captain, then site-specific wind and wind mapping reports are beneficial.

As a weather watcher, you need a way to track progress. Information captured by an anemometer can be turned into a meaningful report. With the right tools, you can check many variables such as rain measurement, air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation, wind speed, and more. Whether using the Comptus WINDmeter or another type of portable anemometer, the information is captured for your own use or you can share it online with others.

Being a weather watcher is a great activity. Whether the skies are sunny or a dark storm is looming overhead, you will quickly learn to appreciate how weather impacts so many things. Using a high-speed anemometer, high-speed wind alarm, wind meter, or some other tool, you will quickly discover that every season is unique.

If you interested in becoming a weather watcher, we would love the opportunity to introduce you to our full line of products.

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