How to Measure Wind on a Smartphone with a Portable Wind Meter


With the WeatherFlow WINDmeter, you can measure wind direction, location, and speed using your smartphone. There are numerous reasons that this custom wind meter is so beneficial. For example, you can use it while fighting a fire. The meter is also helpful if you are a window washer, outdoor event planner or building and facilities manager. For many professions, this wind meter provides accurate information.

Pocket Sized Wind Sensor Benefits

The WeatherFlow WINDmeter is small enough to fit inside your pocket. This wind meter is the first-ever hardware product created for people who either need or want information pertaining to the wind. Developed for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices, this wind sensor is a huge breakthrough in technology.

For this custom anemometer, you download the app at no charge for Android or iOS, plug the meter into your smartphone, and it is ready to use. Simply hold your smartphone up high facing into the wind and the app does everything else. Immediately, several vital pieces of data are provided, including wind speed, which is calculated as average and gust, wind location, and wind direction.

From there, you can use the data collected as needed, view it in one of the company’s consumer applications, or share reports online via WeatherFlow, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, email, and SMS.

The goal in designing this wind sensor was to provide consumers with something that out-marketed other handheld anemometers currently available. What makes this particular app so amazing is that it is capable of gathering information on various wind speeds, ranging from just 2 miles per hour all the way up to hurricane force winds of 125 miles per hour.

To ensure complete accuracy, the WeatherFlow WIND meter was calibrated by experts in the Aerospace Engineering Department of the University of Florida. The result is a wind meter accurate to the larger of +/- 0.5 percent of the reading or 0.2 miles per hour, up to 15-degrees off axis. In other words, this meter works so well that even if it is not held directly into the wind, speed information is on target.

The Weather-Flow WIND-meter is by far the most accurate handheld wind sensor that you can buy today. An additional benefit is the price, with this being the most affordable handheld wind meter sold.

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