How to Use an Anemometer for Real-Time Wind Speed and Direction Measurement

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Though an anemometer or wind meter has a simple purpose, many businesses or individuals are unfamiliar with these devices. Through these tools, you can easily measure both the wind’s speed and direction in real time. As you’ll discover, operating a handheld wind meter isn’t difficult.

What’s a Hand Held Wind Speed Meter?

Not only is this type of anemometer portable, but it’s also easy to use. For that reason, it’s ideal for many different applications. For example, you can use one to monitor the weather for either business or recreational purposes. If you purchase a quality handheld wind speed meter, it’ll generate incredibly accurate data.

Using a Handheld Wind Speed Meter Correctly

Anemometers work somewhat differently depending on the type and brand. For that reason, always take time to read the instructions that come with the product you buy. However, here are the typical steps involved.

  • After reading the instructions, you’ll place the battery in the device. Usually, it’s included with the purchase of a hand wind meter. If not, simply buy the battery recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Next, turn on the device by pressing the power button. Again, the location will vary based on the hand held wind speed meter you select.
  • From there, choose the measurement setting that you prefer. Portable anemometers often come with several options to record wind speed. These typically include km/hour, ft/second, ft/minute, mi/hour, and knots.
  • To operate a handheld wind speed meter, you’ll need to hold it high in the air over your head. However, to obtain the most accurate reading, be sure it’s facing the same direction as the wind. In addition, never block the wind or stand in front of the device. Otherwise, it won’t work properly.
  • The hand wind meter will respond by displaying an accurate number for whatever setting you selected.

Examples of Applications of Hand Wind Meters

As mentioned, these devices work great for both business and recreational purposes. For instance, storm chasers often use them. While some individuals do this for fun, others report their findings to an organization or news station. That way, the public has a better idea of what’s happening with the weather.

Here are some additional examples:

  • Weather Reporting – A meteorologist working in the field can rely on the data generated by a handheld wind speed meter.
  • Firefighting – In many cases, firefighters depend on this type of device to accurately measure wind gust and wind speed and more efficiently battle fires.
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts – A lot of people who enjoy outdoor activities also rely on hand held wind speed meters. As a perfect example, boaters commonly carry these devices to ensure they never end up on the water with a storm approaching.

We’ll Help You Select the Best Hand Wind Meter for Your Needs

Regardless of why you want a portable anemometer, always buy the best product available. At Comptus, we have many different types of meters available. The handheld wind speed meters are from respected industry leading brands and are competitively priced. Call today and one of our experts will assist you.

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