Integrating Rainfall Transmitters into Building Grounds Automation Systems

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People have relied on rain gauges for a long time, but thanks to advanced technology, you now have the option of using a high-tech rain gauge sensor that is more accurate and efficient. Even better, you can integrate the best rain gauge into your grounds automation system for your company, which in turn, provides several critical benefits.

Water Conservation

Have you ever driven by a business during a rainstorm only to see the irrigation system running? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. In those situations, the grounds watering system operates according to a timer, meaning that it waters the grass and trees even when it rains. That is a huge waste of resources. By using the best rain gauge, the system detects rainfall, thereby preventing the watering system from operating.

Not only does the rain gauge sensor help with water conservation, which is especially important in states with restrictions, but it also helps lower your monthly utility bill. The bottom line is that with the right system, your landscaping gets watered only when it is needed.

Automated Pump Systems

Another key benefit of integrating rainfall transmitters into your grounds automation system is that during a hard rain, the pumps turn on automatically. In response, the sensors trigger the operation of the pump, thereby forcing water away from your business as a way of preventing a flood. Flash flooding can overtake the interior of your company within minutes. Without warning, you would have no time to salvage much, if anything. Even more critical, flash flooding puts lives at risk.

Along with potentially saving lives and tangible items, an automated pump system could likely lower your insurance premiums. Especially if your company resides in a flood zone, the amount that you pay for insurance protection is high. However, by having a pump system in place, the cost of the policy could decrease.

Detecting Rainfall

Even in the winter, rainfall occurs. The problem is that immediately after hitting the ground, the rain turns to ice. Once temperatures rise, the volume of thawing water could lead to flooding. Also, an icy surface creates a dangerous situation for people, causing slips and falls that could cause an injury.

An automated sensor detects rainfall during a cold spell, and in response, it can turn on de-icing equipment automatically. That way, there is no risk of the rain freezing or the creation of a potentially harmful situation.

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