Measuring Wind Speed with Anemometers

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Anemometers are devices used to measure wind speed. All wind meters measure speed by how the device reacts to the wind.

As you buy anemometers, you may find the process more complicated than you expected. There are various types of anemometers on the market, so research is essential. You should also buy from a reputable company to ensure quality.

Anemometers have many purposes, including weather forecasting, aviation, agriculture, and sailing. You can buy them as standalone devices or built into other instruments such as weather stations.

How Does an Anemometer Measure Wind Speed?

Some anemometers capture the wind, their entire structure spinning. Thus, the faster the wind blows, the quicker the anemometer will turn. Numerous anemometers use pressure sensors, electrical currents, sound waves, or pressure differentials to determine wind speed and direction. Because the wind does not blow continuously, the anemometer usually takes an average wind speed over a short time.

Some of the most common types of anemometers are cup anemometers, hot wire anemometers, pressure anemometers, propeller anemometers, and sonic anemometers.

Cup Anemometers

As you look for a wind speed meter online, you may also encounter cup anemometers. A cup anemometer consists of a vertical cylinder with three or four cups. The cups catch the wind and rotate as it blows past them. This rotation helps to calculate the wind speed.

Cup anemometers are available for purchase online and in hardware stores. They are ideal for measuring wind speed outdoors, such as on a rooftop or garden.

Hot Wire Anemometers

Hot wire anemometers work by passing an electric current through a thin, short wire to calculate the wind speed. When the wire reaches the right temperature, it will conduct electricity. It measures wind speed by the electricity required to maintain the wire at this temperature.

Pressure Anemometers

A pressure anemometer works by measuring the difference in air pressure between two locations. This difference is due to the wind blowing from one place to another. The higher the wind speed, the greater the difference in air pressure.

Propeller Anemometers

A propeller anemometer works by attaching a small propeller to a shaft connected to a digital display. As the wind speeds up, the propeller spins faster. The digital display then shows the measurement. You can buy this wind speed meter if you plan to use it for weather forecasting and aviation applications.

Sonic Anemometers

Sonic anemometers measure wind speed by producing a sound wave and timing its return. This information helps to calculate the wind speed. You can often find sonic anemometers in weather stations to help predict weather patterns. Engineers can also use them in wind turbines to help optimize energy production.

Get Your Anemometers From a Trusted Source

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