Monitoring Rainfall Provides Useful Data

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Monitoring Rainfall in Agriculture is Vital
Rainfall measuring instruments can be used in many agricultural, municipal and industrial applications. Modern irrigation systems are critical for crop protection delivering water and nutrients for maximum growing effect. A high quality commercial rain measuring instrument provides round-the-clock measurement of rainfall so farm managers are confident of how much irrigation to deliver to which fields.

Rainfall and Municipal Traffic
The Comptus Rain Gauge is factory calibrated to measure every 0.01″ of rainfall. Municipalities use instruments for measuring rainfall to
control storm drain systems. In times of heavy rainfall, pumps can be activated to prevent localized flooding. This highly accurate device
for measuring rainfall can prevent water damage and “ponding” on city streets.

Monitoring Runoff Into Local Streams, Lakes and Reservoirs
Rainfall measuring devices are also critical for efforts to monitor rainfall runoff into streams, lakes, and reservoirs. Runoff can introduce
foreign and sometimes toxic materials into local water resources. Collecting rainfall data in a research environment can help protect these
vital resources.

Choose The Best Rainfall Instruments
The design simplicity of the Comptus Rain Gauge rainfall measuring instrument provides trouble-free operation and accurate rainfall measurement. Comptus weather instruments rain gauges and transmitters meet the US Weather Service specifications and have high-
quality 304 stainless steel to ensure long life.

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