Monitoring Temperature and Relative Humidity in Sensitive Building Environments

Monitoring temperature

Achieving Building Management Efficiency

Maintaining proper temperature, airflow, and humidity levels in workspaces is the key to efficient operation. Comptus outdoor environmental sensors are an important component of building management systems. By monitoring and comparing both indoor and outdoor air temperature and humidity, HVAC systems can make continuous minor adjustments to the air intake, exhaust, and air conditioning. Consistent environmental conditions throughout the building reduce excess system cycling, improve efficiency, and prevent unnecessary system wear and tear.

Combined Monitoring of Outdoor and Indoor Relative Humidity and Temperature Levels 

Monitoring outdoor humidity and temperature levels by an indoor building management center allow modern HVAC systems to adjust cooling in the areas of the building that need it. The heat of the sun may be impacting one side of the building more than another. Having this information allows for the proper response of the cooling system to increase cooling of that side of the building. This efficiency prevents un-necessary cooling in areas that are maintaining proper levels despite an increase in exterior temperature or humidity levels.

Protect Sensitive Equipment

The efficient use of cooling systems prevents system wear and tear while ensuring proper humidity, airflow, and temperature levels in all areas of any building. Investing in relative humidity sensors can ensure delicate equipment is protected from temperature and humidity fluctuations that can damage sensitive and critical instruments. 

Employee Comfort and Health

Fluctuating humidity levels negatively impact the occupants of many buildings. Low humidity is irritating to the nose and throat, making occupants more susceptible to respiratory infections. It can also cause dry skin or itchy eyes. A relative humidity sensor will collect accurate data and ensure proper humidity levels are met for comfort and to maintain good health.

Turn to a Top Manufacturer of Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensors

Comptus is a leading producer of precision-made air temperature and relative humidity sensors, as well as high-quality wind and industrial environmental sensors. Contact Comptus to review its product line of outdoor environmental sensors to maintain optimum internal environments.

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