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The new WeatherFlow WINDmeter coupled with the coordinated iOS or Android app is designed to measure wind, as well as support sharing and log measurements. You might think such an advanced wind meter would cost a fortune, but actually, it is affordably priced.

There are numerous situations in which having accurate wind measurement is beneficial. For building and facilities management, crop dusting, firefighting, window washing, outdoor event planning, and more, knowing wind location, speed, and direction is extremely beneficial.

Consider firefighters who risk their lives controlling and putting out wildfires. Knowing how the behavior of the fire is affected by wind is critical. Instead of guessing, firefighters have access to accurate data using a quality wind meter. Firefighters can battle wildfires more effectively to help save property and lives.

When interested in capturing accurate wind measurement as part of your job, most handheld anemometers priced around $30 do nothing more than measure wind speed. With the WeatherFlow   WINDmetersensor, you receive reports on wind gusts, average speed, direction, and wind location, plus the ability to share information online.

To use this pocket-sized anemometer, simply plug it into the audio jack of your iOS or Android smartphone or pad. After downloading the free app, you will be able to access all types of reports, including peak and average wind speed, as well as gust speeds measured in seconds/meters, miles/hour, kilometers/hour, knots, and even the Beaufort scale.

Accurate Wind Measurement and More

The accuracy of the WeatherFlow WINDmeter is so great that it can detect wind speeds ranging between 2 miles per hour and 125 miles per hour. With customizable capability, once an accurate wind measurement is captured, you can adjust the results and add a comment. When finished, the information is shareable via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, text messaging, email, and so on. If the sample from the WIND  meter is made public, it uploads to the WeatherFlow website.

Being able to share information captured with this wind meter allows for collaboration between people that you are working with or those involved in the same type of work. Using the wildfire fighting scenario, sharing accurate wind measurement, including speed, direction, and wind location keep different crews up-to-date and informed.

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