Automatic Weather Station


Model: A70H-UWS

Finding an automated weather station (AWS) is relatively easy. However, not all devices have the same features, provide the same benefits, or come from a source that guarantees outstanding support. This is why it’s so important to select an automatic weather station from a trusted and respected company.

Among the different options, one automatic weather station stands out. That’s model A70H-UWS. This remarkable device captures multiple measurements. Those include wind speed, wind direction, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, and even solar radiation.

Specific to this automated weather station, both wind speed and wind direction are measured with ultrasonic waves. As for rainfall, this automatic weather station uses 24G radar. With that, it can quickly and accurately detect the amount of rainfall, as well as its intensity.

Another capability of this automated weather station is the measurement of weather phenomena. Not only does that help with forecasting, but it’s also used for research. Small and affordably priced yet powerful and precise, this automatic weather station is an ideal choice.

You can go online to purchase this weather station from the Comptus E-store or call for personalized service.


A70H-UWS is an automatic weather station that can measure wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature, rainfall and solar radiation. In automated weather station, wind speed and direction are measured with ultrasonic waves. The rainfall detection uses 24G radar, which can quickly detect rainfall and intensity. The automatic weather station (AWS) is uised to measure weather phenomena for forecasting and research. This automatic weather station can be easily purchased online at Comptus E-store.

An automatic weather station is an online weather station that automatically gathers and records data on changing climate conditions.
Automated weather stations are also used by businesses, farmers and other professionals to better manage their operations. The rising prevalence of online automated weather stations has made it easier than ever to access accurate, up-to-date climate information with the press of a button, providing a wealth of knowledge that can help us stay safe outdoors.

Technical Specification

Wind Speed

Range: 0 – 50m/s

Resolution: 0.01m/s

Accuracy: +/-2%

Wind Direction

Range: 0 – 360 ̊

Resolution: 1 ̊

Accuracy: +/-3 ̊


Range: -40 ̊ C – +80 ̊ C

Resolution: 0.1 ̊C

Accuracy: +/* 0.2 ̊C


Range: 0 – 100% RH

Resolution: 0.1%RH

Accuracy: +/-2%


Range: 150 – 1020hPa

Resolution: 0.1hPa

Accuracy: +/-2%


Range: 0 – 10mm/Min

Resolution: 0.01mm


Solar Radiation

Range: 0 – 1750W/m2

Resolution: 1W/m2

Accuracy: +/-5%


12 – 24VDC

Output (Modbus-RTU)

RS485, RS232

Data update cycle

1s (default); other optional

Power consumption

<3W; Heating power: 6W

Operating temperature

-40 ̊ C – +80 ̊ C


EN61000-6-3, EN61000-3-3, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-6-1

IP Rating


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