C48 Eight Set Point Wind Alarm


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Building on 20 year legacy of Comptus C47 Wind Alarm System
  • Eight (8) Alarm Relays
  • On-Board Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • SDI-12, I²C, and RS-485 connectivity for multiple sensor inputs
  • Control through Smartphone or Bluetooth Connection
  • Web and SMS Reporting functionality


  • Building Automation and Controls
  • Environmental Monitoring and Controls
  • Crane and Fountain Controls
  • Industrial Process Controls


  • Operates via mobile app on Android
  • Wind Speed monitoring via A75-104 Anemometer
  • Wind Direction monitoring via A75-302 Wind Vane
  • User selectable speed units: MPH, M/S, or KPH
  • User adjustable averaging time for wind speed/direction
  • Instantaneous, average, and peak wind speeds recorded
  • On-board temperature and humidity measurement
  • (8) on-board SPST normally-open power relays for alarm outputs (user defined set-points)
  • Relay ratings 30VDC/277VAC, 8A resistive load
  • Password protected to prevent unauthorized adjustments/set-points (user can reset password)
  • Retains configurations without electrical power
  • Fault detect monitoring of anemometer and wind vane


  • Loss of site power – monitoring and reporting
  • SMS alarm notifications/status (subscription may be required)
  • (2) assignable 4-20mA analog outputs
  • Ethernet communications for reporting
  • WiFi communications
  • Connect any number of SDI-12 sensors
  • Connect any number of I²C sensors
  • Connect any number of RS485 sensors
  • Sensors may be powered through the 3.3V output on the board, up to a total current draw of 0.5A
  • Sensors may be powered through the 12V output on the board, up to a total current draw of 1.0A

    (Each sensor must have a unique address. Some I²C addresses are reserved by the controller. SDI12 and RS485 addresses may be reprogrammed through the C48.)
    (Sensor ground must be connected to the C48 ground, whether or not the sensor is using a C48 power output.)

  • Plug in option for local display for viewing summary info (Q4 2021)
  • Pull in public domain information to complement your local data
  • Access to IoT stack for data analysis, predictive analytics

Technical Specification

Product Option

Wind Alarm, Speed, 12-24 VDC, Wind Alarm, Speed, 12-24 VDC, NEMA 4XFG, Wind Alarm, Speed & Direction, 12-24 VDC, Wind Alarm, Speed & Direction, 12-24 VDC, NEMA 4XFG

Operating Power:

12-30 VDC

Power Consumption:

2W, 3.5W Peak
With all Alarms Engaged – 3.5W, 5W Peak

Operating Conditions:

Temperature (Electronics) – -20ºC to 70ºC
Temperature (Sensors) – -55ºC to 60ºC
Humidity – 5-95% R.H. (Non-condensing)

Control Accuracy:

Wind Speed – ±1 Unit of Measure
Wind Direction – ±4º
Temperature – ±0.4ºC MAX between -10ºC to 85ºC
Humidity – ±3% MAX between 0-80% R.H.

Sensor Accuracy:

See Sensor Specifications


Wind Speed – 1 Unit of Measure
Wind Direction – 1º


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