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Buy a handheld anemometer to capture accurate wind measurements, you can’t beat the WeatherFLOW WINDmeter. This handheld wind meter is small but powerful. You can hold it, place it in a pocket, or attach it to a camera mount. While this handheld anemometer works for some commercial applications, it’s become a popular choice for individuals who spend time outdoors to jog, boat, hang glide, bike, and more.

A Compact Yet Powerful High-speed Handheld Anemometer

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, this high speed anemometer is truly remarkable. Using several free apps, this handheld wind meter records data and generates reports, which you can immediately share via Instagram, SMS, Twitter, email, and more.

Key Features

Some of the most impressive capabilities of this high-speed handheld anemometer include calculating the following:

  • Wind speed (average, apparent, true, and gust)
  • Crosswind, tailwind, and headwind
  • Wind direction (true and magnetic)
  • Wireless connectivity (up to 100 feet away)


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Handheld Anemometer

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