Reasons for Using Air Temperature and Humidity Sensors

relative humidity sensor

Most experts believe that air temperature and humidity sensors were the first tools used to measure meteorological parameters. Today, these sensors are commonly used within an Automatic Weather Station. For temperature, a resistive thermal device is typically used.For humidity, measurements are taken using a humidity sensitive condenser.

Air Temperature versus Relative Humidity

Some variation in air temperature is cyclic, to include the Earth’s orbit around the sun and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, or PDO motion. When air temperature changes, a number of things are impacted, such as the productivity of plant life, cycles of animal life, sources of food, habitats, migrations, patterns of weather, and sea levels.

Humidity is the water holding capacity of air, which is directly determined by temperature. For this reason, researchers need to measure humidity along with air temperature. In completing assessments, humidity has to be measured relative to temperature, which then becomes known as relative humidity, which is expressed as a percentage.

Relative humidity equates to the amount of water in the air, which is then compared to the amount of water the air is capable of holding at a specific temperature. When the volume of air at a given temperature holds the most water vapor possible, air becomes saturated. At that point, relative humidity is reported as being 100%. Due to wet ocean air, levels of humidity are typically higher along coastal plains.  One of the world’s largest coastal plains is located in eastern South America

Purposes for Using Sensors

By using air temperature and humidity sensors such as the Comptus A70-HT, experts can track changes over specific periods of time. As such, researchers have the ability to follow changes in climate, making it possible for anthropogenic and environmental influences to be accurately evaluated.

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