Sundolier Inc., Installs Daylight Harvester utilizing Comptus A75-101 Anemometer


Sundolier Inc., Installs Daylight Harvester utilizing Comptus A75-101 Anemometer
 on the McNichols Civic Center building, Denver, CO – July 2015

Sundolier technical services contacted Comptus looking for a commercial anemometer compatible with the Daylight Harvester control system.  Adding the A75-101 Reed Switch Anemometer to the Daylight Harvester allows the system to automatically stow into a secure position during high wind events.  The system automatically returns to normal operating mode after the event has passed.

Sundolier,Inc., improves the performance of a building based on its use, increasing employee productivity, retail sales and patrons wellbeing with natural, full spectrum daylighting and they help their customers reduce electric lighting loads and related green house gas emissions.  Daylight Harvesters bring healthy, efficient, natural daylighting to a wide range of commercial, municipal and industrial spaces in the United States, Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Comptus, Inc., manufactures commercial environmental sensors and transmitters designed for a wide range of applications from wind farm site assessment to building automation, agriculture, environmental monitoring and fountain control.  Comptus products are actively deployed on all seven continents.

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