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Solar charger

There are many solar chargers on the market these days. Some are very inexpensive. It is important to make sure you select a solar charger that is rugged, weather resistant, will operate effectively in low light conditions and will not overheat or overcharge your electronic device.

Convergence Instruments sells a model SP 002 8.5 watt USB-output solar charger. The unit is designed for maintaining the charge of battery powered data loggers in remote locations. Because of the critical applications it is used in, the SP 002 is reliable and rugged.

Connection of the SP 002 to the data logger is easily accomplished using the USB 2.0 output port at the bottom of the panel. The unit uses a smart IC chip to ensure optimum current is provided to the device without risk of damage. The high efficiency switching regulator optimizes the flow of power under low light conditions to ensure as much power as possible is provided. This means the SP 002 will continue to provide some power even on cloudy days.

Can the SP 002 be connected to other devices? Yes. The SP 002 is a thoroughly tested commercial grade solar charger. With the high efficiency switching regulator it is compatible with all USB powered devices. Use the SP 002 to charge a cell phone, power bank, portable speaker or other USB powered device while outdoors. The SP 002 is ideal for wilderness rescue, and all forms of outdoor recreation.

SP 002 Technical Spec’s

Power: 8.5 Watt maximum at 1.46 Amps, 5 volt USB 2.0 output
Cell efficiency: 22%
Materials: ETFE laminate with double EVA layering
Dimensions: 11.5” x 8” x 0.04” (29 x 20 x 0.1cm)
Weight: .4 lbs
CE and RoHS compliant
Double 85 tested

There are reinforced grommets on each corner for securely attaching the panel to structures or gear.

When researching solar chargers keep in mind that it is best to spend a little extra for a high quality product such as the SP 002 that will provide years of reliable service. For additional information go to:

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