The Role of Environmental Sensors in Protecting Critical Equipment in Data Centers

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A data center is a vital part of any organization’s housing systems and data that maintain services at optimum operation. Negative forces that could impact efficient operation require constant monitoring by environmental sensors to protect valuable equipment.

Optimize Cooling of Spaces

Environmental sensors provide real-time data and alerts for areas that stray from set temperature parameters. An environmental sensor can detect high temperatures that could cause equipment damage or low temperatures that could waste money on unnecessary cooling. Use environmental sensors to know when the thermostat needs adjustment.

Achieve Proper Air Flow

Monitoring airflow direction is important in certain applications and environments. An environmental sensor helps ensure the airflow system is fully functional and operating efficiently to maintain the desired air temperature and flow.

Protect Equipment From Water and Humidity

Monitoring humidity levels in delicate components is critical. An environmental sensor provides an alert when humidity levels could lead to condensation or corrosion. Likewise, water damage can also cause expensive damage to data systems. A water sensor can detect a leaky pipe or a damaged cooling system which could lead to a system-wide shutdown if undetected.

Positive Impact on Infrastructure

With the help of environmental sensors, companies can help maintain a proper environment for important data centers by constantly monitoring air temperature, humidity, and airflow. An efficiently maintained data center impacts the over-all operation of any company. 

Turn to a Trusted Source

Comptus has environmental sensors to help your company protect critical equipment and be more efficient. Save money on energy costs and avoid system downtime by contacting Comptus to discuss which sensors would work best in your application, including both industrial environmental sensors and outdoor environmental sensors.

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