Uses of Wind Speed Alarms at Work

wind direction indicators

Wind speed alarms are devices that notify people when wind speeds reach a certain level. You can use them in various settings, such as schools, factories, or construction sites. When the wind exceeds a specific speed, the device alerts people so they can take safety precautions.

Sometimes called wind speed and wind direction indicators, wind speed alarms are commonly used in various industries. Wind speed alarms help alert employees when the wind can potentially affect the security of buildings, vehicles, or other structures.

Wind speed alarms are frequently used for round-the-clock monitoring. They can sound an audible or visual warning before dangerous wind conditions. For example, you can configure a wind alarm to ring at 30 mph. This will allow people in the area enough time to prepare before the wind becomes too dangerous.

A wind speed alarm is an essential safety and handy planning and evaluation tool. Industries can use these alarms to plan various activities. It can help install wind turbines, for example, or determine when to harvest crops or move livestock.

Below are some of the industry’s most common applications of wind speed alarms.


Construction sites need wind direction indicators since rogue wind gusts can cause much damage. High winds can topple cranes and other heavy equipment and send debris flying. In some cases, wind speed alarms sound so workers can take precautions. For example, they may need to evacuate the area if there is a risk of something blowing over.


A wind speed alarm can help prevent mining accidents. An operator can get wind information immediately and prevent accidents by setting the alarm threshold at a safe wind speed. Wind speed and direction indicators can monitor wind speeds around a mine site so operators can avoid high winds.


Farmers can set alarms for different wind speeds depending on what they are trying to protect. For example, suppose they are trying to protect their crops from blowing away. In that case, they may have a higher alarm threshold than if protecting animals from the wind.

You can use wind speed alarms in conjunction with other weather monitoring tools, like rain gauges and temperature sensors.


Wind speed instruments and alarms are an essential part of aviation. They warn pilots when the wind speeds are too high, which can cause dangerous conditions. There are different types of wind speed alarms, but they all work to keep pilots safe while flying.


A wind speed alarm can warn the crew of an approaching storm in merchant shipping. The alarm gives the crew time to take appropriate action, such as securing cargo and preparing for rough seas.

Wind Energy

Installing wind turbines near homes or other buildings is a concern. Turbines need to be in areas with high wind speeds to make them efficient. 

You can set up some alarms to notify people when the wind speeds reach a certain level. This tells people when it’s unsafe to be outside and when to shut down turbines. Alarms ensure people’s safety near turbines and reduce turbine wear and tear.

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