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A70-HT Relative Humidity & Air Temperature

Comptus Humidity and Air Temperature Transmitter provide analog output signals proportional to relative humidity and air temperature. These units are used in conjunction with electronic data collection systems or for input to industrial control systems. They are readily combined with meter relays to provide custom controls.

Systems are available with outputs of 0-­‐1 V or 4-­‐20 mA. The A70-­‐HT is powered from 6 -­‐ 30 VDC.

Temperature is detected using a Permalloy RTD, conforming to IEC 751 Standards. Relative humidity is sensed by a thin-­‐film polymer capacitor sensor with excellent durability in harsh environments. The temperature & relative humidity sensors are protected by a hydrophilic membrane under a wire meshscreen.

Each Comptus relative humidity and air temperature sensor system is provided with a detailed instruction manual. Comptus relative humidity and air temperature sensors are manufactured in the USA.

Model A70-HT

Relative Humidity & Air Temperature

Accuracy: +/-2% R. H., Temperature +/- 0.6 °C
Use: General Monitoring 



Range Relative Humidity 3 - 95%
Air Temperature -4 - 167 °F (-20 - 75 °C)
Accuracy Relative Humidity ± 2% Relative Humidity
  Air Temperature ± 1 °F
Output A70-HTL 4 - 20 mA
  A70-HTV 0 - 1 VDC
Operating Power 6 - 30VDC
Enclosure ABS Plastic, NEMA 4X
Connections Terminal block to accept AWG # 14 -22 wire. Liquid tight wire gland for 0.09 - 0.265" diameter cable
Dimensions 2" L x 3" W x 1.5" D 
Weight 8 Oz.
Accessories A96 Surge Arrestor
  A70-EO Power Supply
  A70-LPDD Digital Display
  Data-Chart Electronic Chart Recorder
  A76-T10 Tripod Tower
  A76-HT Mount


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