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Technical Specifications

Spectral Range 300-3200nm
Supply 12-24VDC
Range 0-2000W/m2
Output Signal 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-20mV, RS485
Sensitivity 7-14µV*W-1*m2
Internal Resistance 350Ω
Non-Linearity ≤ ±2%
Measuring Angle 2π solid angle
Response Time ≤35s(99%)
Stability ±2%/year
Cosine Correction ≤ +7%(Solar elevation angle = 10o)
Temperature Effect ±2%oC (-10oC -+40oC)
Operating Temperature -40 - +80oC
Weight (Unpacked) 2.5kg
Pack Aluminum Alloy Instrument Box
Dimension Ø165*120mm
Ingress Protection IP65/NEMA4
Storage Condition 10-60oC @20%-90%RH




The A70H-IL1 Pyranometer utilizes a thermoelectric sensor. The sensing elements are made with winding - plated thermopiles with multi contacts. It is designed for measuring radiation in the 300-3200nm range.




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