What Is an Anemometer and How Does It Measure Wind Speed?

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The anemometer is a wind measuring device that has been around for centuries. The first anemometers were not very accurate, but as technology improved scientists learned what worked best. Today, the most common designs follow two types: the anemometer as a wind vane and anemometer with wind cups.

How an Anemometer Works

An anemometer measures wind speed by counting how many times per second its spinning blades or cups spin around. Multiplying this number by a conversion factor gets the wind speed in miles or kilometers per hour.
Some anemometers have a display that shows the wind speed. Others transmit the wind speed data wirelessly to a computer or weather station. Some anemometers also measure gusts, the highest wind speed over a short period of time.

Anemometers see common use in weather monitoring and airflow measurements. They can help pilots determine if it’s safe to take off or land an airplane. Wind turbine manufacturers also use them to test the performance of their turbines.

Cup Anemometers

The cup anemometer is the simplest type of anemometer. It has three or four cups that spin in the wind. The faster the cups spin, the stronger the wind is blowing. The device measures the speed of the wind by counting how many times the cups spin. A digital or analog wind meter then displays the calculated data.
You can often see cup anemometers mounted on structures like buildings or boats. These types of anemometers don’t need to point towards the source to sense wind speed. Meteorologists, researchers, schools, and businesses often use cup anemometers for their projects.

Vane Anemometers

The vane anemometer is a new anemometer design, with more accurate measuring than the cup anemometer. An anemometer wind vane has blades that spin like the propellers on a plane. While it is very accurate, it is important that this type of anemometer is parallel to the wind. Also, it should rotate around a horizontal axis to get precise data.
The vane anemometer measures how many times the wind spins around in a second. This tells you how fast the wind is going. They can withstand severe situations better than other anemometers. They can also be small enough to use as a handheld device. Some designs can also measure other atmospheric variables besides wind speed.

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