Why Barometric Pressure Should Be Measured in Commercial Buildings

Barometric pressure transmitter

It’s important to detect and measure air pressure in commercial buildings. Air pressure can affect infrastructure and the people living within it.

A barometric pressure gauge can be helpful for business owners who want to ensure optimal air pressure. This instrument features a sensor-based system capable of detecting anomalies in the air.

Here’s why you should be concerned about the air pressure in your building.

What is Air Pressure?

Air pressure, also called barometric pressure, is a force applied by air molecules. These molecules press down on the Earth’s surface, creating atmospheric pressure.

There are many environmental factors affecting air pressure within a given area. Major parameters include the temperature and density of the air molecules.

Hot air molecules cause the air pressure to increase because they exert more force. In contrast, cold air molecules are denser, reducing the air pressure around them.

Is it Important to Measure Air Pressure in Commercial Buildings?

Yes, it’s important to detect and measure air pressure in buildings and offices. Any form of imbalance can result in major discomfort to workers inside or outside.

Here’s why you need to control air pressure in commercial buildings.

  • Improve indoor air quality

The pressure inside your building should be higher than the air pressure inside. A greater internal air pressure indicates the level of contaminants in the building. Many commercial buildings install automatic doors to keep external contaminants from getting inside.

  • Prevent the loss of clean air

When operating old buildings, you’ll often see clean air leaking outside. As a result, your HVAC will push more of it into the building to maintain air pressure. You can also use a barometric pressure gauge to measure and monitor air pressure levels.

  • Boost insulation performance

Positive pressure prevents hot air from leaking into your building during summer. In contrast, negative pressure allows the outside air into the building.

Controlling both is essential when you want to avoid overheating or maintain humidity levels. But in old buildings, it’s not easy managing positive and negative pressure spaces.

A barometer weather instrument offers accurate readings, allowing you to take appropriate measures.

  • Maintain negative pressure areas

Many commercial buildings depend on negative pressure spaces to enhance energy efficiency. Building designers configure specific places with exhaust fans to maintain negative pressure.

This allows better control of air quality, reducing moisture levels inside the building. With better air quality, you can create a productive workplace.

Additionally, this affects the performance levels of your workforce, allowing you to retain the best talent.

Get Accurate Air Pressure Readings

A cutting-edge barometric pressure reading instrument can help determine air quality within minutes, offering accuracy and precision.

Are you looking for a high-quality barometric pressure transmitter or sensor? Get in touch with our experts at Comptus. We offer a wide range of instruments to control air pressure in commercial buildings. For industrial environmental sensors to transmitter systems, we are your trusted source.

Call us for more information on our instruments.

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