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C47 Wind Alarm Monitor in NEMA Enclosure

C47 Wind Alarm Monitor

Accuracy: Speed +/- 1 Unit, Direction +/- 4 degrees
Alarms:    4
Use: High Wind Warning, Membrane Roof, Building Pressure, Odor, Fountain Control


  • Four Alarms
  • Adjustable averaging time
  • Two Wind Speed Inputs
  • One Wind Direction Input
  • Sensor Fault Detection
  • Analog Speed & Azimuth Outputs
  • Retains Configuration without electrical power
  • Back Lighted LCD Display
  • Instant, Average & Peak Speed
  • Display MPH, M/S or KPH Units of Speed
  • AC or DC Operating Power
  • Security Code
  • Protected with Metal Oxide Varistors

Alarms have an adjustable filter with time constant of 1-600 seconds to prevent nuisance tripping from wind speed gusts. Current, peak and average wind speed is displayed with user selectable units of miles per hour (MPH), meters per seconds (M/S) or kilometers per hour (KPH). Wind speed measurement timing is crystal controlled for high accuracy. 

Four alarms with single pole double throw (SPDT) relays are provided. Each relay is configurable for hysteresis or latch mode operation. The alarms can be individually disabled. In hysteresis mode the alarm is activated when the average wind speed exceeds the closure set point. The alarm remains activated until the average wind speed drops below the opening set point. In latch mode the alarm remains activated until the average wind speed exceeds the closure set point. The alarm remains activated until manually reset. 

One or two wind speed circuits are optionally available to provide redundancy in critical applications. Continuity of the anemometer circuit is tested every 10 seconds when the wind is calm. If the circuit fails open or is short circuited, a message is flashed on the display. 

Two analog output signals proportional to wind speed are optionally available. The analog output may be ordered with 4-20 mA, 0-1 mA or 0-1 VDC outputs. A screen is provided to simulate wind speed, which allows for system testing and calibration of the optional analog output signals. 

All set points and configuration selections are retained in EEPROM memory even when operating power is removed. A back lighted liquid crystal display (LCD) provides excellent readability in bright or low light conditions. 

A security code feature resists tampering with set points or control configuration by unauthorized personnel. The control can be ordered for operation from 120 VA., 230 VAC or 12 VDC electrical power. All inputs and analog outputs are protected from damage by high voltage transients with metal oxide varistors. The C47 can be provided to operate with anemometers producing an AC output signal whose frequency is proportional to wind speed. The C47 can also be provided to operate with anemometers whose DC output signal is proportional to wind speed. 

One wind direction input is optionally available with one analog output signal proportional to wind direction. The wind vane circuit is continuously monitored for continuity. If an open or short circuit is detected a message is flashed on the LCD screen.



Operating Power: 

105 to 127 VAC, 50/60 Hz 
207 to 253 VAC, 50/60 Hz 
11 - 15 VDC

80 - 250 VDC

(specify at time of order)

Input Device: A75-104 Three Cup Anemometer 
Display: Liquid Crystal Display 16 characters X 2 Lines. LED Alarm Status Indicators on front panel 
Controls: Four button keyboard with tactile and visual feed back 
Outputs: Four SPDT Relays, 8 Amps resistive @ 120 VAC 
Two Analog Wind Speed Outputs 
One Analog Wind Direction (Azimuth) Output
Analog Output Format:   
4-20 ma, 0-1 ma or 0-1V (specify at time of order)
Control Accuracy: Wind Speed +/- 1 Unit
Wind Direction +/- 4 degrees
Analog Output: +/-1% of full scale
Sensor Accuracy: See sensor specifications
Resolution: Wind Speed- User selectable 1 MPH, 1 M/S or 1 KPH 
 Azimuth - 2°
Connectors: Barrier strip to accept AWG#12 to AWG#20 copper wire
Temperature: Electronics -20 to +60° C.
Sensors: -55 to +60° C (A75-104 & A75-302)

Check sensor calibration yearly

DIN Package: 1/4 DIN cutout x 5.75" deep 
NEMA 12 Package: 12"H x 10"W x 6"D 
NEMA 4X SS Package: 12"H x 10"W x 6"D 
NEMA 4X FG Package: 12"H x 10"W x 6"D
DIN Package: 2 pounds 
NEMA 12 Package: 16 pounds 
NEMA 4X SS Package: 16 pounds 
NEMA 4X FG Package: 8 pounds
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A76-T10 Tripod Tower 
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