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Rain Gauges

  • People have relied on rain gauges for a long time, but thanks to advanced technology, you now have the option of using a high-tech rain gauge sensor that is more accurate and efficient. Even better, you can integrate the best rain gauge into your grounds automation system for your company, which in turn, provides several critical benefits.

  • Regardless of whether you call it a rain gauge, pluviometer or udometer, there are excellent options available.  There are wired or wireless devices available to meet yourspecific needs. Rain gauges today are designed to both detect and measure rainfall amounts, along with other details that make them helpful in many scenarios.

    Key Rain Gauge Facts

    The wireless rain gauge has become a popular choice. With this, you will experience less fuss because, with this updated version of the traditional rain gauge, there are no wires to run . With a wireless rain gauge, important information is gathered and displayed. This means that you always receive accurate rainfall readings without having to go out into the weather.

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