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Weather Meter

  • With the WeatherFlow WINDmeter, you can measure wind direction, location, and speed using your smartphone. There are numerous reasons that this custom wind meter is so beneficial. For example, you can use it while fighting a fire. The meter is also helpful if you are a window washer, outdoor event planner or building and facilities manager. For many professions, this wind meter provides accurate information.

  • When looking for a weather meter, you need to consider various types, unique features, and price. You also need to think about how the meter will be used and what information you hope to gain. With these factors in mind, you can decide on buying basic product or a multi-condition sensing weather meter.

    A personal weather meter, also referred to as an anemometer or weather sensor, is highly beneficial. Used by fire fighters and emergency management, agriculture, outdoor sports, building and facilities management professionals, this device provides invaluable information.

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