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Achieving Building Management Efficiency

Maintaining proper temperature, airflow, and humidity levels in workspaces is the key to efficient operation. Comptus outdoor environmental sensors are an important component of building management systems. By monitoring and comparing both indoor and outdoor air temperature and humidity, HVAC systems can make continuous minor adjustments to the air intake, exhaust, and air conditioning. Consistent environmental conditions throughout the ...

Weather is the number one variable in farming and monitoring conditions can lead to science-based business decisions. The proper weather measuring instruments can help optimize crop health, water consumption, and labor use.


weather measurementWhat To Measure

It is easy to collect accurate data with today’s advanced instruments used to measure weather. There are several types of weather data you can track and measure including:

 A data center is a vital part of any organization's housing systems and data that maintain services at optimum operation. Negative forces that could impact efficient operation require constant monitoring by environmental sensors to protect valuable equipment.


weather sensorOptimize Cooling of Spaces

Environmental sensors provide real-time data and alerts for areas that stray from set temperature parameters. An environmental sensor can detect high temperatures that could cause equipment d ...

Due to IoT, the cost of wireless sensor systems and meteorological weather stations has come down slightly for the following reasons

LMaria BoothAcross New Hampshire, the scourge of the Covid-19 virus has taken a heavy toll on a wide variety of businesses, but at the same time created fresh opportunities for some and prompted others to refine their operations in ways that may enhance their futures.

Hardest hit have been the restaurants and bars ordered to close by Gov. Chris Sununu. Other businesses, providing personal services incompatible with social distancing, have followed suit.

Heather Brownell chose to close Salon H. in Gilford.

“I have a lot of older clients,” she said, “and I got nervous.”

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