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handheld weather meter

If lightning strikes, you do not want to be on a roof or near metal. Because weather is unpredictable and it can be hard to anticipate when a storm might hit, even with today’s internet, the right device can help you keep your construction crew members safe. The right handheld weather meter can provide some much-needed intelligence.

industrial environmental sensors

Many building automation systems have different sensors to help detect the outside air temperature and humidity. The reason for this is to help make limited, yet informed, decisions about the operation of mechanical systems. But it is also important to have more extensive data on the weather to help optimize the building systems. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of using industrial environmental sensors to gain more extensive information on the weather.

The negative forces that could impact efficiency require constant monitoring by environmental sensors to protect valuable equipment.

2502 rain gauge

Monitoring Rainfall in Agriculture is Vital

Rainfall measuring instruments can be used in many agricultural, municipal and industrial applications. Modern irrigation systems are critical for crop protection delivering water and nutrients for maximum growing effect. A high-quality commercial rain measuring instrument provides round-the-clock measurement of rainfall so farm managers are confident of how much irrigation to deliver to which fields. 



Achieving Building Management Efficiency

Maintaining proper temperature, airflow, and humidity levels in workspaces is the key to efficient operation. Comptus outdoor environmental sensors are an important component of building management systems. By monitoring and comparing both indoor and outdoor air temperature and humidity, HVAC systems can make continuous minor adjustments to the air intake, exhaust, and air conditioning. Consistent environmental conditions throughout the ...

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