How the Right Placement of Ultrasonic Sensors Influences Measurement Accuracy

Ultrasonic weather

Sensors that detect and measure both wind speed and direction have advanced significantly in the past few years. Industries no longer use the older-style anemometers, also known as cup and vane systems. Instead, they turn to reputable sources where they can buy ultrasonic wind sensors.

As a popular device, it’s not hard to find an online ultrasonic wind speed sensor. However, it’s super important to choose a source that provides excellent customer service and sells quality products at competitive prices.

Extremely Beneficial

Regardless of the application, an ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor is incredibly advantageous. For instance, the innovative design doesn’t require maintenance or on-site calibration. Why? This sensor doesn’t have any moving parts. That’s also the reason why you can get an online ultrasonic wind speed sensor from reputable sources and spend less money than expected.

High Performance

The ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor has sensitive detection capability, and it yields incredibly accurate measurements. However, two things, in particular, can affect the results.

Temperature Fluctuations

The problem with temperature fluctuations is they alter the speed of the sensor’s sound waves. When that occurs, the sensor believes the target is closer than it is. That leads to an inaccurate measurement.


After you find an online ultrasonic wind speed sensor that you like, it’s essential to mount it correctly. This is the most common mistake made by people who buy ultrasonic wind sensors. So, for optimal detection and measurement, it’s important to choose the right placement for your new sensor.

To help, consider some of the tips provided below:

  • For an ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor to provide the most accurate information, you’ll need to set it up in an open area. Preferably, choose a location that offers 50 feet in all directions.
  • Also, make sure to position the wind sensor so that it’s a minimum of six feet higher than the mounting surface.
  • For the people who buy ultrasonic wind sensors with directional vanes, they need to position them in a specific way. That consists of N.S.E.W directions on the sensor that’s closest to the vane.
  • Sometimes, static becomes a problem for these sensors. To prevent it, choose a mounting surface made of electrical grade PVC or wood.
  • You can always custom mount the sensor if needed. For this, you’ll want to use a one-inch Electric Metallic Tube or EMT conduit.

One thing to note is that most experts who sell online ultrasonic wind speed sensors suggest a temporary mount. If satisfied after several hours, then you would move on to a permanent mount.

Premium Wind Sensors

At Comptus, we take pride in offering our customers superior products. When you’re ready to buy ultrasonic wind sensors, give us a call. A representative will answer your questions and guide you through the selection process.

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